Case Studies

Global Village:

Location: Dubai, UAE

No of sensors installed: 11 

Project Duration: 15days


  • Challenges:

Installing the sensors in Global Village was very challenging because in Global Village there are many pavilions with different architectural structures and  huge heights, so it was very challenging for us, as our team is specialized in installing the sensors at any situations, so we did the sensor fixing with the help of man lifts machines and the most challenging part was to provide the network to the sensors In Global Village the network is expanded with the help of network access points, so we connected our access points with each sensors and pulled the network from Global Village network.


  • Sensors Mounting:

Sensors Mounting in Global Village became much easier after getting idea how to fix it, so first we planned each and every thing before fixing the sensors because usually PC3 Sensors which we installed at Global Village has approximately 2 to 3 kg of weight and it needs to be mounted with each and every precautions by taking care of health hazards Finally we did it in a very professional manner in such a way that it was totally adjusted into the pavilions structure.


  • Project Completion:

After all the Physical activities were done now it was time for sensors calibration, our specialized team in installing the People counting sensors has many years of experience, so we finished the installation by checking each and every peculiarities and delivered the 95% of Accuracy in visitor count.


  • Clients review:

IT Manager of Global Village was fully satisfied with our solution and very happy too and they are ready to give us the project of people counting solutions in upcoming projects of Global Village.


Location: Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman
Total shops: 20
No of sensors installed: 41
Project duration: 20days

• Challenges:
Installing sensors in Joanna Fashion was not as challenging as we are habituated for installing the sensors in the retail sectors, Joanna fashion has their different shops spread throughout the UAE in which most of the shops are in Dragon mart, so while installing our sensors in Dragon mart branches we have faced some problems in the cabling part of the sensor because the servers room or network switch in all the shops were far away from the entrances, but thanks to our IT Team who has a lot of experience in the cabling and all kinds of IT Works, we decided to finish the cabling part first after finishing the cabling the sensors installation work became much easier than before. We finished the cabling work in just 10 days in all the 20 shops of Joanna Fashion.

• Sensors Mounting and Installation:
The sensors mounting and installation part was not so challenging because in all the shops of Joanna Fashion the ceiling is made up of gypsum. we mounted the sensors easily and it took not more than 5 days to fix the sensors in all the shops of Joanna Fashion.

• Project Completion:
After all the physical works was done it was the time for the calibration of the sensors which is the most important part as we have expertized team who are highly trained in installing the footfall count sensors with each and every peculiarities we created all in one portal of Joanna fashion in which we added their all branches and we merged the data of all shops, it was showing all the data in one dashboard.

• Client’s review:
Mr. Peishieng, the head of procurement department and the decision maker of all the Joanna Fashion was fully satisfied and very happy with our solution and they are ready to install the sensors in future in their upcoming shops.