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Footfallcam Hardware and Software Solutions

We have combined over 100 years industry experiences in developing hardware and software of people counting solution. Having accumulated over 30, 000 research hours and evolved through many generations, we have created an aesthetic hardware and a powerful software platform.Click here

Today, we have a team of over 50 engineers dedicated to the research and development of both hardware and software of FootfallCam. It has established itself as the global leader in people counting industry and it is our commitment to continuously invest and maintain our position in the industry.

FootfallCam counter runs on the latest computer stereo vision (3D) technology eliminates the limitation by previous technologies. By using GPU processing power and 3D algorithm, FootfallCam would produce a depth map of image. It also features artificial intelligence to detect the head , shoulder, and height of the person and also differentiate objects with person.

What are the benefits combining Wifi + 3D?

 Normalizing Wi-Fi data with the accurate video counting data gives you the absolute number on overall customer shopping behaviour.
 Cost efficient as only require 1 counter to count outside traffic, visit duration, returning customers and cross shopping.


  1. Every phone would transmit a Wi-Fi beacon signal every 2-8 seconds
  2. Each Wi-Fi beacon carries a Mac address which is unique to each phone
  3. By listening to the Mac address, the counter can identify each unique visitor
  4. The signal strength of probes can give the approximate location of each person

Visitor Count

People counter can help to collect the number of people entered to your store. It can be one of the key metrics to measure your store performance. It conducts bidirectional counting, which count in and out simultaneously. FootfallCam achieves high counting accuracy of 95% and above by employing the most advanced algorithm, Multilayer Background Subtraction based on color and texture, solving the issues with shadows and light level changes.

Outside Traffic

People counter Wi-Fi sensor can detect user’s position within 100m radius Wi-Fi signal. Based on the signal strength, it detects passer by outside the store and gives you the storefront conversion rate by comparing with the store footfall. Our FootfallCam is a Wi-Fi hotspot itself, which detects the Wi-Fi signal emitted by the mobile phones and distinguishes the counting data by their unique ID. We will have answer for queries such as how many missed opportunity outside the operating hours and how many people passing through has actually visited the store.

Visit Duration

Visit duration is measured based on unique identifier (MAC ID probes) from user’s smartphone. Based on the signal strength of the Wi-Fi beacons, it could approximate time that the visitor entered and left the store. You can know how long your customer stay in your store. And also, by looking at the dwell time and sales transaction, management will be able to find the pattern matching.

Returning Customer

Distinguishes if the customer has visited the store before by comparing the unique identifies with previous records. You are able to find out how many customers have returned last week and last month. With the approach of Wi-Fi in people counter, you can distinguish if the customers have visited the store before by matching the unique identifier with previous records.This can be used to measure customer loyalty via the frequency and shopping habits of returning customers.

Cross Shopping

By comparing the unique identifier in different stores, cross shoppers can be identified by detecting the matching unique identifier in different stores.You are able to find out whether the customers travel to visit different stores due to holiday, or shortage of stocks in the regular store they are visiting since every customer can be idetified with their unique MAC address.

Zone Analytics

Location analytics uses advanced data mining techniques tuned to the type of data Wi-Fi location provides. This data is based on potentially millions of position triangulations made per day by using the Footfallcam Wi-Fi tracking. However, with the potential huge quantities of data, to get valuable insights requires data mining techniques and data filtering. Location analytics provides two methods for defining the different zone or area of a venue. Explicit zones can be defined by the user as named polygons that represent known defined spaces. It could be identifiable by its Zone ID.

Company Wide Weekly Report

This report is suitable for retail chain as it can display the data for all the branches. You can have the data for all the branches in 1 report so that you can do our analysis more conveniently. Side by side compare can be done, and you can know the performance of different branches through this report.